Act on New Possibilities:

I invite you to take the same leap that I did and so many other people I know have. Actions in the direction of new possibilities for your health and in turn your life. Trying something new can be scary. Worse, it can be uncomfortable! The act of change can feel threatening to the life we’ve created to this point. Something is calling for change and if you are hear, you are listening and taking the first actions that may lead to us working together. If you’re anything like me, you are at an important fork in the road. One to either go alone or invite others along for this new journey. I started off alone and it wasn’t long before I invited others to help me along my way. I invite you to a conversation. One that will lead to new insights and if we are a good fit to work together we can begin. Cheers!

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It’s Hard to Concentrate

As George Thorogood plays in the background and I attempt to type the meaning of all this.


Creating images of joy and hope that reflect a life lived fully - the actions taken to make it all come together.

Sharing the experiences and bit, itty, bitty bits of learning that might help others on their creative journey go it a bit, an itty, bitty bit faster.

Why is this background color indigo?

Indigo is the color of the 7th Chakra; the third eye. I shall leave it in tribute to both the exploration of making that which I dream, reality & good old rock-n-roll!


Creativity Unleashed Is My Health & Lifestyle Upgrade:

If there was another avenue to take instead of unleashing my creativity I did it. Many of those things weren’t healthy choices and ended up creating setbacks in my health and my life that I reached out for help to change.

I also unleashed my creativity in everything I did along my life’s path. I infused my creativity in my Medical Management and Insurance Billing career. I infused it into my relationships, my appearance, my travel, everything else but where it called out to be unleashed.

Until all the stuff that helped me hide from my calling faded away, leaving me staring at my easel and the many unfinished canvases that I’d stock piled for a rainy day. I was living in Portland, Oregon at the time so makes sense that it was a rainy day when I started again.

The things that helped create Shearer Health & Lifestyle Coaching:

  • My family: their support and inspiration first sparked a deep desire to help them in a desperate attempt to keep them healthy and living their best lives. Forever. Unrealistic I know. Such is the love of loved ones. This, with the at the time, painful knowledge that I had to find ways to make my own changes for better health that included an upgrade to a lifestyle more full of the things I love to do and good enough health to do them.

  • Certifications: I so desperately wanted to help others that I completed my degree in healthcare management. I never wanted to be a doctor but helping to improve the entire system… that was a challenge right up my alley. The problem was it wore me down to the point I wasn’t doing any of the things that lended to making my life worth living: hiking, photography, painting, dancing, love making. I’ll leave it at that.

    • In the middle of my career falling apart the realization that my family needed my help inspired me - probably more from fear of not thinking I know anything about being healthy - to get a fitness training certification in rehabilitative exercise, a health coaching certification, and a transformational coaching certification. I don’t regret any of them a bit but it took a long time to believe I was qualified to help others. Not until I helped the one person that almost universally all coaching mentors advise against: coaching your parents. Talk about a confidence booster combined with a brutal dose of imposter syndrome. It wasn’t until I was able to help the people I loved most through coaching that I was ready to create a coaching business to confidently help others reach there health and lifestyle goals.

  • Coaching, yoga, personal growth, therapy. Those things that I once kept secret… what a world I lived in, “ssshhh… don’t tell anyone you want to better yourself or they’ll think you have problems.” Yeah, I have many problems and one of them is crazy colorful ideas that pound on my skull until I release them. That and dancing. Dancing cures frowning.

  • You. If you are here reading this know that this is for you. Whether that’s one conversation, an Instagram photo, a painting, or a coaching program remind me that I have a deep desire and calling to help others and to be in service to living our best. I believe in you and am here to help. If you don’t reach out to me, keep reaching out to energize your vision into existence.

  • Joy & Love: Gratitude for leaning into love. Finding those things around me in my dark times that brought me light and hope. If I can create imagery and actions that lend a smile, lifting the heavy load of life, if only for a moment, I’ve done what I set out to do. It hit me that I am responsible for my joy and my coaching and my art flows forth from this well. For myself and for you.


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