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I invite you to sign-up and join my newsletter to get the first look and dibs on new artwork. Links to latest episodes of Creativity Unleashed in Blog form, Podcast, or Youtube. I vow to only share the good stuff and not bug you. This is going to be a journey full of all the good stuff that comes with energizing visions into existence: the highs the lows, some of what works and definitely sharing what doesn’t so as to prevent anyone else the fate of fumbling if I can help it.


It’s Hard to Concentrate

Looking at this site, George Thorogood playing in the background as I attempt to type the meaning of all this.


Creating images of joy and hope.

Sharing the experiences and bit, itty, bitty bits of learning that might help others on their creative journey go it a bit, an itty, bitty bit faster.

Why is this background color indigo?

Indigo is the color of the 7th Chakra; the third eye. I shall leave it in tribute to both the exploration of making that which I dream, reality & good old rock-n-roll!


If there was another avenue to take instead of painting - unleashing my creativity I did.

I also unleashed my creativity in everything I did. I I infused my creativity in my Medical Management and Insurance Billing career. I infused it into my relationships, my appearance, my travel, everything else but where it called out to be unleashed.

Until all the stuff that helped me hide from my calling faded away, leaving me staring at my easel and the many unfinished canvases that I’d stock piled for a rainy day. I was living in Portland, Oregon at the time so makes sense that it was a rainy day when I started again.

The things that helped me get here:

  • My family. Their support helping me years after the helping may traditionally be forfeit allowing me to unleash creativity. They’ve known I wanted this my whole life. It’s not that they’ve gotten out of my way in the allowing, it’s that I’ve gotten out of my own way and they’ve been cheering me on. I also moved in with my mom in her retirement, which was another inevitability complete. Freeing. It is freeing to finally take serious what was once thought folly. I’m down with folly. Come on folly, let’s get this party started.

  • Coaching, yoga, personal growth, therapy. Those things that I once kept secret… what a world I lived in, “ssshhh… don’t tell anyone you want to better yourself or they’ll think you have problems.” Yeah, I have many problems and one of them is crazy colorful ideas that pound on my skull until I release them. That and dancing. Dancing cures frowning.

  • You. If you are here reading this know that this is for you. Whether that’s a painting or encouragement that another person is doing something like what you want to do. I believe in you and am here to help. If you don’t reach out to me, keep reaching out to energize your vision into existence.

  • Joy & Love: Gratitude for leaning into love. Finding those things around me in my dark times that brought me light and hope. If I can create imagery that breaks a smile, let’s the heavy load be lifted, if only for a moment, I’ve done what I set out to do. It hit me that I am responsible for my joy and my art flows forth from this well. For myself and for you.


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