It is joy calling to be expressed. It is the heart of the matter. The land before me; fertile and rich. The companionship and connection of lasting love and friendship. Big views and blue skies.
— Samantha Shearer

2019 Artist Statement go!

Joy. It’s as simple as that. I was unhappy, trying to express myself and unable to because I was still stuck in what the world wanted me to be instead of expressing fully, who I truly am. Once I got away from the life I wasn’t, at all, really living, I looked around and life felt a little lighter, brighter, more joyful.

Then the buzz grew, ignited into a space filled with everything I wanted it to be and nothing I didn’t. My choice to step into myself fully sparked an idea. An idea that called to be made real.

To be able to look at something that sparks a feeling within us is a magical connection. If I get to choose the feeling, I choose love, joy, hope.

‘I’m over here, looking at that thing over there, and smiling now because when I look at it I feel happier.’

It is not turning away, ignoring the pain and suffering alive and real in the world. It is the things that give us hope and strength, encouraging us to carry on in this world being fully expressed in our own individual truth.

My current paintings are a reflection of my hope and also my cheering squad to keep at it.

I call this whole transformation: Creativity Unleashed.

Vision Energized Into Existence

Just this very moment I had a thought of a reality I once experienced. It was fleeting. Of a young girl so afraid to express herself that she lashed out instead. That what she thought wasn’t good enough. That she wasn’t good enough. Good thing it was a fleeting thought. It was fleeting through practice. A practice of breathing deep, exhaling fully and taking the deeper option. The option that calls to us from wherever it calls. For me it called. This is my answer.


The most amazing change is one where you step boldly into a life of your design without having to remember to be different.

Mindset Magic - Top 10 

  1. An openness to explore, sparks possibility for new discoveries.

  2. Knowing that letting go of what no longer serves, is the way to let in what can now.

  3. A 100% commitment to our unique and individual truth ignites it into being.

  4. Honoring practical magic in whatever form it manifests is a belief in living life to the fullest.

  5. An integrity that stays a course, when personal truth is the destination.

  6. Laughter and good humor in life’s many joys, tests, and tribulations.

  7. Flowing with the rhythm of the hearts desire and dance along the way.

  8. This life is, at its core, a miracle and honoring that miracle creates new ones.

  9. That anger is a tool to overcome apathy.

  10. Holding sacred space - clears a direct path to expanding abundance.


1. An upbringing forged in exploring nature by my mom the botanist and mycologist - there was usually more fungus in the fridge than food, and my dad that teaching me to have a keen eye on the world around me and capture it in imagery. 

2. Being raised on creativity. Seeing my finger paintings on the walls of my relatives. In retrospect a creative gift from my parents and a very bright beacon to the testament of putting something creatively unleashed on display for viewing pleasure.

3. Learning very young that creativity and self expression are therapeutic. The act of making creative expressions can help connect mind and body with reality. This is a nice way of saying I was a troubled child in therapy and art therapy was part of the treatment. Art as treatment for anger, sadness, depression, madness.

4. That doctors and medications are to be avoided at all costs. A frightful notion for a child to learn from their parents but has served me well in this age of a pill for everything and then another pill for that. 

5. I became a medical manager and insurance specialist to support my art habit when I decided to give up my restaurant work that supported my partying habit more than my art habit. 

6. Going from avoiding doctors to working for them helped me discover the importance our health and wellbeing bring us and those close to us. Embracing the hippocratic oath opened my world up to helping others in a whole new way.

7. Transitioning from a career girl on the fast track to a stressed out, over worked, under vacationed executive to a stay at home daughter became the biggest blessing since, well, the day I was born.  


  • Art School Drop-Out and fervent lover of all things creative

  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

  • Certified Transformation Coach - Health Coach Institute

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach - Health Coach Institute

  • Certified Fitness Trainer Specializing In Therapeutic Exercise - American Council of Exercise

  • Student of Mindfulness at Life