Getting my attention as I sat creating copy for my website, I was bonked on the head by a Carolina Wren that's been nesting on my deck. When I shook my head, with a surprised, “what the..” and looked up. I saw the culprit and then looked back over my shoulder where they had built their nest near by, just weeks ago. While I sat much of the time near by, loving their vibrant personality as I worked. Such a bold, inquisitive, and noisy bird. No wonder we get along.

Seeing the nest all a flutter I exclaimed, "it’s fledgling time!!!" I’ve never been invited to a party like this one and many thanks for the invite!

A lesson in fearless exploration and wild abandon right in front of me. Chicks going every which way! Climbing up the side of the house, falling into the baskets below their nest, and then one by one, wildly taking off in every direction even though their parent was calling them anxiously to come out into the world. First launching to the deck railings, two holding their landing and one completely over shooting past the deck, landing in the garden, then frantically flapping back up. They would double back toward the nest and the adult would coax them back out again. Real coaching in action!

One of the parents didn’t get the memo that the fledging was today and came flying up with food, and seemed as surprised as I was with the event. Then they both got in on the effort to head out into the wild world and no longer hunker down in the nest. One by one they took off, not a graceful landing among them into the garden, the bird bath, a bird feeder, and then in amongst the flowers of the garden. It wasn’t 15-20 minutes later and I could no longer tell where the wrens were, other than the many chips, whistles, and rustling amongst the flowers.

Like the wrens, it is time to climb out of my wooded, cozy nest I’ve created and launch. The website I’m writing copy for is for my coaching business, focused on personal development, combined with my blog to express lessons I’ve learned, some I’m still learning, and creativity I unleash, to share and connect with others driven to do the same. This is my invite to the party that is possibility!

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Sam Lee Shearer