As The Crow Flies: If Stopping Meant Falling, What Would You Do Different?

Quick sketch of the crow that inspired me to change course.

Quick sketch of the crow that inspired me to change course.

Confirming with the dictionary that ‘as the crow flies’ is indeed as simple as a straight line.

My morning ritual all a flutter!  


Every morning I go outside for a few minutes with my coffee to get a feel for the day, clear the fog of sleep from my eyes, and take a birds eye view of my daily planner, so-to-speak.

This morning is cool and quiet under low clouds and fog until the crows descend.

The perfect start to match my own insecurities about what actions to take at the midway point of a few projects. As a recovering perfectionist, a few is better than too many and way better than crashing to none at all!

That point in the best laid plans where actions have been taken in a new way, leading to substantial progress, which before would be my stopping point for a new project. Not finishing, not following through on the best next steps. Instead opting for more projects, more distraction, in a grand crescendo of overwhelm and collapse.

As I sit, looking up at the sky, kinda mesmerized by the murder of crows, one flies from the group, heading straight towards me overhead - as many things seem to me sometimes - way overhead, out of reach. Prompting me to ask out loud, “what are you doing?”


What Are You Doing?


Crow responds by stopping mid-air, answering my question with what looks and feels like chaos and confusion. A dark spark of energy suspended long enough to give pause, a catching of breath in an orchestrated flailing about for just a moment of time. Long enough that I fear she might fall, only to surprise and delight me by confidently righting herself, turning on her own axis in the sky with complete conviction, taking off in a “straight line” in the opposite and new direction away from me and towards the mountains.


The question now comes back to me, “What are you doing?”


Taking this piece of information with my morning ritual as I think-out my day inspires a shift of plans. An opening to an idea to follow through on. What if I try taking on my work and my life as if I will fall from the sky if I stop midway through?


Making art.

Making a life of creativity unleashed.

Radical freedom energized into existence.

Health and wellness in action.

I gotta have my beauty, love, and justice. Better yet, I vow to fight for beauty, love, and justice.

Helping others do the same and more!


This feels good and terrifying!


I am not alone. I am in perfect company.

This is action. Staying tuned.

A challenge to stay tuned.


If you are reading this, you can feel confident one other person is moving through challenges that have been around forever. Now is different. Now is in a new way. Aligned with small successes along the way, staying the course as the crow flies, and proceeding as if success is inevitable.

Trying things this week as the crow flies, even if that means flailing about for a moment to re-center and take-off again, with a breath of fresh air, directly towards the goal of good enough, having let perfection fall away.

What do you want to create a direct path towards this week?

For me:

I’ve got paintings to complete which means working on them to my magic number 13 and posting my progress - with some pre-sale options through my website. Scary!

I’ve got a few openings coming up for coaching clients that want to unleash their creativity and take flight in overcoming the barriers and blocks that can stop us mid-flight. Stay tuned!

Get 2 hikes planned for wildflowers and mushrooms with mom and maybe 2 hikes complete.

Cheers to taking action as the crow flies!


If you try it, let me know what you take on, what you accomplish, and inspirations while stepping out for a little fresh air.