The GSD Of Freedom: Normal Service Will Return Soon


So this is what happens when you start to get involved, little by little. Emails, calls, donations, and marches this past year and today I learned I can write Senator McConnell. But I can’t. So here I am writing the world.


Sorry I can’t get ahold of you Mitch McConnell. Either happy because so many people are telling you the current tax bill is abhorrent or furious that you have conveniently shut down your website correspondence because you don’t want to know how much many of us feel this tax bill favors a few and leaves many with less.

As I start to express myself more and take action on what has now become for me the ultimate inspiration; Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States instead of Hillary Clinton. My #woke moment.

Bring it on, any and all heat for not getting more involved sooner in my life. I am here now. Loud and proud to be a voice for our democracy. For the freedoms I have been privileged to enjoy, bask in, living carefree while the world crumbles around me.

Now raising my loud as hell voice in the fight for equality for ALL Americans and the planet we call home. We must do that together and I am here to make known that I am here, I am ready, I am able to fight for the causes that will uplift and carry us all to our full potential. I will not give up, give in, or walk away quietly from our people and our planet.

That I am sorry, at times overcome with guilt. I am sorry that I’ve sat on the sidelines of this country, enjoying my privilege, oblivious to the degradation purpetrated by men i thought would be gone by now. Replaced by younger more altruistic people. Alas, no. A country I call home and have lived from coast to coast to coast of seems in peril to me, with nowhere to run and hide.

The call to action has come and I am here to fight for ALL our rights.

A fight is so aggressive. That feels like an attack and when so many of us have been under attack our whole lives it may feel caustic, dangerous, aggressive, and unhinged. I feel like I’ve got this because that is an overall accurate description of me. With a goodly dose of compassion, and what I have been given from Hillary Clinton, radical empathy.

I move slowly, like the first stuffed animal I ever had, a three toed sloth. There are a million other things to do instead of public service so I am trying, learning, listening, floundering, and plodding along as best I can.

This is my latest attempt failed. I never thought it appropriate or even necessary to contact my own senators and definitely didn’t think I could contact other… until I did. Turns out Senator McConnell’s email is on a 45 day backlog and when I hit send with my letter, it did not go through. Website maintenance. Assuring me normal service will return soon…

Here is what I tried to write to Senator McConnell. I now hope he may see it before 45 days by posting it here in my blog, my social media pages, and my website.

Hello Senator McConnell,

I am writing in avid opposition of this tax bill. Everything I take away from it informs me that I will lose in the bill. This means that more Americans will be hurt by this tax bill than helped. The people this tax plan helps are a tiny minority that need no assistance from our government. I cannot condone a bill that taxes school supplies, allows businesses to write off office supplies, penalizes people seeking further education through graduate school, removes the healthcare mandate, kills the estate tax, and raises the deficit. THIS IS NOT SMALL GOVERNMENT. A government in debt is not small. It is weak.

Do The Right Thing,

Sam Shearer